Who can I contact regarding my booking​​? 

GeniusFlight® helps you find a fantastic flight, but unfortunately we have no access to the details of your booking.

For questions about completing the booking, payment, changing the booking or questions about excess baggage, extra costs and what you can and can not take on board with you. Therefore we request you to contact the airline or travel agent whith whom you have made the booking or planned to go book the flight.

To simplify the contact we have added a list below of the parties most commonly used by GeniusFlight®.


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Contact details

1time 1time help Contact 1time (011) 086-8000 help Contact help Contact  
Aegean Airlines   Contact Aegean Airlines 0030 210 62 61 700
Aer Lingus Aer Lingus help Contact Aer Lingus  
Aero Aero help Contact Aero  
Aeroflot   Contact Aeroflot  
Aerosvit Airlines Aerosvit Airlines help Contact Aerosvit Airlines  
Aigle Azur Aigle Azur help Contact Aigle Azur  
Air Aland   Contact Air Aland 00358-(0)18-17110
Air Arabia Air Arabia help Contact Air Arabia  
Air Asia Air Asia help Contact Air Asia  
Air Astana Air Astana help Contact Air Astana  
Air Berlin Air Berlin help Contact Air Berlin  
Air Busan   Contact Air Busan  
Air Canada Air Canada help Contact Air Canada  
Air Corsica Air Corsica help
Air Do      
Air Dolomiti Air Dolomiti help Contact Air Dolomiti 0039 045 2886140
Air France Air France help Contact Air France  
Air Greenland   Contact Air Greenland  
Air Hamburg Air Hamburg help Contact Air Hamburg (040) - 70 70 88 90
Air Iceland Air Iceland help Contact Air Iceland 00354 570 3030
Air Italy Air Italy help Contact Air Italy  
Air Madagascar   Contact Air Madagascar  
Air Mandalay   Contact Air Mandalay  
Air Mauritius   Contact Air Mauritius  
Air Mediterranee     0033 581 312 999
Air New Zealand Air New Zealand help Contact Air New Zealand  
Air Nigeria Air Nigeria help Contact Air Nigeria  
Air Niugini Air Niugini help Contact Air Niugini  
Air North Air North help Contact Air North  
Air Norway   Contact Air Norway 0047 91323701
Air One Air One help Contact Air One  
Air Pacific   Contact Air Pacific  
Air Prishtina   Contact Air Prishtina  
Air Rarotonga   Contact Air Rarotonga  
Air Vallee   Contact Air Vallee  
Air-India Express Air-India Express help Contact Air-India Express  
Air-Viva Air-Viva help Contact Air-Viva  
Air2There Air2There help Contact Air2There 0064-(0)4-904-5133
airBaltic   Contact airBaltic  
Airblue   Contact Airblue  
Aircalin Aircalin help Contact Aircalin  
AirChoiceOne   Contact AirChoiceOne  
Airkenya Airkenya help Contact Airkenya  
Airlines PNG   Contact Airlines PNG  
Airlink   Contact Airlink  
AirphilExpress AirphilExpress help Contact AirphilExpress  
airTran airTran help Contact airTran  
Ak Bars Aero   Contact Ak Bars Aero  
Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines help Contact Alaska Airlines  
Alitalia Alitalia help Contact Alitalia  
Allegiant Air Allegiant Air help Contact Allegiant Air  
American Airlines American Airlines help Contact American Airlines  
ANA ANA help Contact ANA  
Anadolujet Anadolujet help Contact Anadolujet  
Arik Air Arik Air help Contact Arik Air  
ArkeFly ArkeFly help Contact ArkeFly  
arkia arkia help Contact arkia  
Aserca Airlines   Contact Aserca Airlines  
Asiana Airlines   Contact Asiana Airlines  
Atlantic Airways   Contact Atlantic Airways  
AtlasJet AtlasJet help Contact AtlasJet  
Auric Air   Contact Auric Air  
Aurigny Aurigny help Contact Aurigny  
Austrian Airlines Austrian Airlines help Contact Austrian Airlines  
Avianca Avianca help Contact Avianca  
Avianca Avianca help Contact Avianca  
Avies   Contact Avies  
Avior Airlines   Contact Avior Airlines  
Azul Airlines      
B&H Airlines B&H Airlines help Contact B&H Airlines  
Bahrain Air Bahrain Air help Contact Bahrain Air  
Bangkok Airways Bangkok Airways help Contact Bangkok Airways  
Barceló Viajes Barceló Viajes help    
Barents AirLink Barents AirLink help    
Barrhead Travel   Contact Barrhead Travel 0871 423 9754
Batavia Air Batavia Air help Contact Batavia Air  
Bearskin Airlines Bearskin Airlines help Contact Bearskin Airlines  
Belavia Belavia help Contact Belavia  
belleair belleair help Contact belleair  
Bergen Air Transport   Contact Bergen Air Transport  
Bering Air Bering Air help Contact Bering Air  
Binter Canarias Binter Canarias help Contact Binter Canarias  
Blekingeflyg Blekingeflyg help Contact Blekingeflyg 0046(0)457-62 99 99
Blu-express Blu-express help Contact Blu-express  
Blue Air   Contact Blue Air  
Blue Islands Blue Islands help Contact Blue Islands  
Blue1 Blue1 help Contact Blue1  
bmibaby bmibaby help Contact bmibaby  
Borajet Borajet help Contact Borajet  
British Airways British Airways help Contact British Airways  
British International   Contact British International 01736 363871
Brussels Airlines Brussels Airlines help Contact Brussels Airlines  
BudgetAir BudgetAir help Contact BudgetAir  
Bulgaria Air Bulgaria Air help Contact Bulgaria Air  
Calm Air Calm Air help Contact Calm Air  
Camair-Co   Contact Camair-Co  
Canada Travel Services   Contact Canada Travel Services  
Canadian Affair Canadian Affair help Contact Canadian Affair  
Cape Air Cape Air help Contact Cape Air  
Caribbean Airlines Caribbean Airlines help Contact Caribbean Airlines  
Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific help Contact Cathay Pacific  
Cebu Pacific Cebu Pacific help Contact Cebu Pacific  
Chengdu Airlines Chengdu Airlines help Contact Chengdu Airlines 028 -66668888
ChinaTravelDepot ChinaTravelDepot help Contact ChinaTravelDepot  
Citilink   Contact Citilink  
CityJet CityJet help Contact CityJet  
Cobham Cobham help Contact Cobham  
Condor Condor help Contact Condor  
Congo Express Congo Express help Contact Congo Express  
Corendon Corendon help Contact Corendon  
Corsair Corsair help    
Croatia Airlines Croatia Airlines help Contact Croatia Airlines  
Crystal Travel   Contact Crystal Travel 0044 (0) 2076120500
Ctrip Ctrip help Contact Ctrip  
Czech Airlines Czech Airlines help Contact Czech Airlines  
Daily Air Daily Air help
DanaAir DanaAir help    
Danish Air Transport   Contact Danish Air Transport  
Danube Wings   Contact Danube Wings  
Darwin Airline Darwin Airline help Contact Darwin Airline  
Druk Air Druk Air help Contact Druk Air  
e-Travel Ireland   Contact e-Travel Ireland  
Eastar Jet Eastar Jet help    
Eastern Airways Eastern Airways help Contact Eastern Airways  
Easyfly Easyfly help    
easyJet easyJet help Contact easyJet  
ebookers ebookers help Contact ebookers  
EgyptAir EgyptAir help Contact EgyptAir  
EL AL Israel ... EL AL Israel ... help Contact EL AL Israel ...  
ElbaFly ElbaFly help Contact ElbaFly  
eLong eLong help Contact eLong  
EmailFlights EmailFlights help Contact EmailFlights  
Emirates Emirates help Contact Emirates  
Estonian Air Estonian Air help Contact Estonian Air  
Etihad Airways   Contact Etihad Airways  
EuroLot EuroLot help Contact EuroLot  
Expedia Expedia help Contact Expedia  
Felix Airways   Contact Felix Airways  
finnair finnair help Contact finnair  
Firefly Firefly help Contact Firefly   Contact 0207 183 1814
flightnetwork flightnetwork help Contact flightnetwork  
Fly Bulgarien Fly Bulgarien help    
Fly Montserrat Fly Montserrat help Contact Fly Montserrat  
Fly540 Fly540 help Contact Fly540  
flybe   Contact flybe  
Flydubai Flydubai help Contact Flydubai  
Flyglinjen   Contact Flyglinjen  
Flysmaland Flysmaland help Contact Flysmaland 0046 771-717200 help Contact help Contact  
FranceTravelServices   Contact FranceTravelServices  
Frontier Airlines Frontier Airlines help Contact Frontier Airlines  
Georgian Airways   Contact Georgian Airways  
German Sky Airlines   Contact German Sky Airlines  
Germania Germania help Contact Germania  
Germanwings Germanwings help Contact Germanwings  
geruxx   Contact geruxx  
Go! Go! help Contact Go!  
GoAir   Contact GoAir  
Gol Gol help Contact Gol  
Golden Air Golden Air help Contact Golden Air  
Good Fly   Contact Good Fly  
Gotlandsflyg Gotlandsflyg help Contact Gotlandsflyg  
Great Lakes Airlines   Contact Great Lakes Airlines  
Gulf Air Gulf Air help Contact Gulf Air  
Hainan Airlines Hainan Airlines help Contact Hainan Airlines  
Halcyonair Halcyonair help Contact Halcyonair  
Hebei Airlines      
Hebridean Air Service     0845 805 7465
Helitt Helitt help   902 22 30 20
helvetic   Contact helvetic 044 270 85 00
Hoga Kusten Flyg   Contact Hoga Kusten Flyg 0046 (0)660 29 22 80
HolidayGenie HolidayGenie help Contact HolidayGenie  
Hong Kong Airlines Hong Kong Airlines help Contact Hong Kong Airlines  
IBC Travel IBC Travel help Contact IBC Travel  
Iberia Iberia help Contact Iberia  
Iberia Express Iberia Express help    
iceland express   Contact iceland express  
Icelandair   Contact Icelandair  
IndiGo IndiGo help Contact IndiGo  
Insel Air Insel Air help Contact Insel Air  
Interjet Interjet help Contact Interjet  
InterSky InterSky help Contact InterSky  
Island Air Island Air help Contact Island Air  
Islas   Contact Islas  
Israir   Contact Israir  
Izhavia   Contact Izhavia  
JAL Express JAL Express help Contact JAL Express  
Japan Airlines Japan Airlines help Contact Japan Airlines  
JAT Airways JAT Airways help Contact JAT Airways  
Jazeera Airways   Contact Jazeera Airways  
Jet Airways Jet Airways help Contact Jet Airways  
Jet2 Jet2 help Contact Jet2  
Jet4you Jet4you help Contact Jet4you  
JetairFly JetairFly help Contact JetairFly  
Jetisfaction Jetisfaction help    
JetLite JetLite help Contact JetLite  
Jetstar Jetstar help Contact Jetstar  
Jin Air Jin Air help   82-1600-6200
Job Air Job Air help    
Jubba Airways Jubba Airways help Contact Jubba Airways  
Kal Star Kal Star help Contact Kal Star  
Kalmarflyg Kalmarflyg help Contact Kalmarflyg 0046 771-717200
Khors Air   Contact Khors Air  
Kingfisher Kingfisher help Contact Kingfisher  
KLM KLM help Contact KLM  
Korean Air   Contact Korean Air  
KrohnAir   Contact KrohnAir  
Kuban Airlines   Contact Kuban Airlines  
Kullaflyg Kullaflyg help Contact Kullaflyg  
Kulula Kulula help Contact Kulula  
Kunming Airlines   Contact Kunming Airlines  
LAM   Contact LAM  
LAN Airlines   Contact LAN Airlines help Contact  
Lauda Air Lauda Air help Contact Lauda Air  
LIAT LIAT help Contact LIAT  
Lion Air   Contact Lion Air  
Lufthansa Lufthansa help Contact Lufthansa  
Luxair Luxair help Contact Luxair 00352 2456 4242
Lydd Air     0044 (0) 1797 322 207
majortravel majortravel help Contact majortravel  
Malaysia Airlines Malaysia Airlines help Contact Malaysia Airlines  
Mango   Contact Mango  
Manx2 Manx2 help Contact Manx2 0044 (0)871 200 0440
Meridiana   Contact Meridiana  
MeridianFly MeridianFly help Contact MeridianFly  
Merpati Merpati help Contact Merpati  
Mihin Lanka Mihin Lanka help Contact Mihin Lanka  
Mombasa Air Safari   Contact Mombasa Air Safari  
Monarch Monarch help Contact Monarch  
Monarch Charter   Contact Monarch Charter  
Motor Sich Aviakompania   Contact Motor Sich Aviakompania  
nas air   Contact nas air  
Nature Air   Contact Nature Air  
Neos Air   Contact Neos Air help Contact  
Nextjet Nextjet help Contact Nextjet  
Nok Air Nok Air help Contact Nok Air  
Norwegian   Contact Norwegian  
OLT   Contact OLT  
Oman Air Oman Air help Contact Oman Air   Contact  
On Air On Air help    
Onur Air Onur Air help Contact Onur Air  
Opodo Opodo help Contact Opodo  
Oren Air Oren Air help Contact Oren Air  
Passaredo   Contact Passaredo  
Peach Peach help    
Pegasus Airlines Pegasus Airlines help Contact Pegasus Airlines  
Perimeter   Contact Perimeter  
PIA PIA help Contact PIA  
Porter Airlines Porter Airlines help Contact Porter Airlines  
PRiMA Aero Transporti ... PRiMA Aero Transporti ... help    
Puma Air Puma Air help    
Qantas Qantas help Contact Qantas  
Qatar Airways Qatar Airways help Contact Qatar Airways  
Rail Europe   Contact Rail Europe  
RAK Airways RAK Airways help Contact RAK Airways  
Regional Express   Contact Regional Express  
Royal Jordanian Royal Jordanian help Contact Royal Jordanian  
Rutaca   Contact Rutaca  
Ryanair Ryanair help Contact Ryanair  
S7 Airlines S7 Airlines help Contact S7 Airlines  
Safi Airways   Contact Safi Airways  
SAS SAS help Contact SAS  
SAT Airlines   Contact SAT Airlines  
Scilly Skybus
Scoot Scoot help Contact Scoot  
Seair Seair help Contact Seair  
Senegal Airlines Senegal Airlines help Contact Senegal Airlines  
SETE Linhas Aereas   Contact SETE Linhas Aereas  
Shaheen Air   Contact Shaheen Air  
Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen Airlines help Contact Shenzhen Airlines  
Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines help Contact Singapore Airlines  
Sky Airline   Contact Sky Airline  
Sky Express Sky Express help Contact Sky Express  
Skybridge AirOps Skybridge AirOps help Contact Skybridge AirOps  
Skymark Airlines   Contact Skymark Airlines  
Skytrans Airlines Skytrans Airlines help Contact Skytrans Airlines  
Skywest   Contact Skywest  
SkyWork SkyWork help Contact SkyWork  
Smart Wings   Contact Smart Wings  
Snowjet     0044 (0)845 0704458
Sol del Paraguay Sol del Paraguay help    
Solaseed Air   Contact Solaseed Air  
Solomon Airlines   Contact Solomon Airlines  
Sounds Air   Contact Sounds Air  
South African Airways   Contact South African Airways  
South African Express South African Express help Contact South African Express  
SouthallTravel SouthallTravel help Contact SouthallTravel  
SpiceJet SpiceJet help Contact SpiceJet  
Spirit Airlines Spirit Airlines help Contact Spirit Airlines  
Spring Airlines Spring Airlines help Contact Spring Airlines  
Sprint Air Sprint Air help Contact Sprint Air  
SriLankan Airlines SriLankan Airlines help Contact SriLankan Airlines  
Sriwijaya Air Sriwijaya Air help Contact Sriwijaya Air  
Star Flyer      
Sun Country Airlines   Contact Sun Country Airlines  
Sundsvallsflyg   Contact Sundsvallsflyg  
Swiss   Contact Swiss  
TAM Linhas Aéreas   Contact TAM Linhas Aéreas  
TAP   Contact TAP  
Thai Airways Thai Airways help Contact Thai Airways help Contact  
Thomson Flights Thomson Flights help Contact Thomson Flights  
Tibet Airlines   Contact Tibet Airlines  
Tiger Airways   Contact Tiger Airways  
Tradewind Aviation   Contact Tradewind Aviation  
transavia transavia help Contact transavia  
Travelbag Travelbag help Contact Travelbag  
Travelpack Travelpack help Contact Travelpack  
travelup travelup help Contact travelup  
Trawel Fly   Contact Trawel Fly  
TUIfly   Contact TUIfly  
Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines help Contact Turkish Airlines  
Ukraine International Ukraine International help Contact Ukraine International  
Umeaflyg   Contact Umeaflyg  
United   Contact United  
Ural Airlines Ural Airlines help   007 (343) 345-36-45
US Airways   Contact US Airways  
Venezolana Venezolana help    
VietJet Air VietJet Air help Contact VietJet Air  
Vietnam Airlines   Contact Vietnam Airlines  
VIM Airlines VIM Airlines help Contact VIM Airlines  
Virgin America Virgin America help Contact Virgin America  
Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic help Contact Virgin Atlantic  
Viva Aerobus   Contact Viva Aerobus  
Volaris   Contact Volaris  
Volotea Volotea help Contact Volotea  
Vueling Airlines Vueling Airlines help Contact Vueling Airlines  
Web Jet      
WestJet WestJet help Contact WestJet  
Wideroe   Contact Wideroe  
Wind Jet Wind Jet help    
Windrose Windrose help Contact Windrose  
Wizz Air Wizz Air help Contact Wizz Air  
WOW air WOW air help Contact WOW air 00354 590 3000
XL Airways France   Contact XL Airways France 877-496-9889
Yakutia Airlines   Contact Yakutia Airlines  
Yamal Airlines   Contact Yamal Airlines  
Zest Air   Contact Zest Air